Gaui GX9 50cc UAV

Gaui GX9 50cc UAV

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Body Length: 1770mm x 330mm x 600mm

Main Rotor Diameter: 900mm x2

Tail Rotor: 130mm x2

Dry Weight: 9kg

Main Tank: 1.8L

Additional Tank: 1L

Oil Mixture: 20:1

Max Payload: 7kg

Max Flying Weight:17kg

Fuel Consumption: 18cc/min (Max Flying Weight)

Flying Time/Max Flying Weight:100mm

Generator: 100W 12V x 1

Servo: 5

Canopy: Half




Below we've included a video that details the power plant for this UAV machine.  This power plant is also available in a water-cooled configuration.

Displacement : 49.87cc

Practical rpm : 1200 – 7000rpm

Gasoline/Oil Mix : 20:1 (95-98 Octane - Please Note)

Weight: 1900g / 4.189lb

Application: UAV Application


Planethobby, the North American Importer for Gaui G-Power, is pleased to add this performance engine to our line of competition products.  Planethobby is the Authorized Warranty Servicing Service Center and makes available a full set of replacement parts.

  • Four-Stroke Gasoline Engine with Muffler and Onboard Electric Starter
  • Plasma Chrome Plated Steel Cylinder pressed into a cylinder cooling jacket unlike the OS GF40 40cc which is one piece aluminum but the valve seats are part of the head.
  • The Gaui F-50 has Bronze one-piece valve seat inserts and valve guides.
  • Monster sized Aluminum Connecting Rods Bronze Bushed at both ends unlike the OS GF40 which uses needle bearings and bronze bushing on the smaller ends.   All design decisions centered around durability and reliability.
  • Gaui recommends a high-octane (Premium) gasoline. Av-gas is not recommended.  Mix the gasoline with high quality 2 stroke oil at a ratio of 20:1.  One gallon of gasoline mixed with 6.4oz of 2 stoke oil provides the recommended 20:1 mixture.
  • Carburetor adjustment high end needle is opened 1.5 turns, plus or minus .5 turns.  Low end is the same as above.
  • The Gaui G-Power engines require a CM6 Spark Plug, not included.  We sell the Honda CM-6 spark plug.
  • Auto Advance Ignition
  • Walbro Carb

These Four Stroke engines produce quality of sound highly valued UAV Engineers and Research Individuals.   These engines have a 100% CNC Engine Block.  Each engine is hand assembled ensuring consistent quality.