PR200 Pressure Fitting 90 Degree Thin Wall

PR200 Pressure Fitting 90 Degree Thin Wall

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Pressure Fitting 90 Degree Thin Wall for use on headers and tuned pipes.

Install with very thin music wire through the pilot hole you drill in the pipe. Guide the music wire from the hole in the pipe outside the front of the pipe.

Insert a nut on the wire and let the wire and gravity guide the nut to the inside of the pressure fitting you have inserted on the wire. The other nut goes on the fitting. Use some thread sealant to lock the fitting in place. Do not over tighten. 

Be sure the hole you drill first in the pipe is forward of the center high point of the pipe. There is usually a weld mark where the two parts of the pipe are welded together. Mount the pipe forward, towards the engine, of this joint.

Or for the .60 size engines just purchase the Novarossi  50400 pipe which now has the pressure fitting installed. 

Enjoy the many benefits of a tuned pipe and don’t forget to o dear a SP4 rear mount for the pipe. Best pipe mount made.