Novarossi Rex R57HR3DS .57 Helicopter Engine

Novarossi Rex R57HR3DS .57 Helicopter Engine

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R57HR3DS Novarossi Engine REX with 3 needle carburetor.  Includes new CNC lightened piston.  This engine likes to rev!  Not afraid of high RPM's like other engines.

This is an 3 needle carburettor specially designed for use in the Heli 3D competition market. It makes it easier to extract the utmost performance from your engine with great tuning ease.

The "Dykes" type piston ring has implemented to improve the sealing between the piston and the cilinder.

This is a REX "Short Body" type glowplug which cannot be changed for Standard or Turbo type glow plug.

The ignition timing is controlled with these little rings of various thickness.To change the ignition timing you can add or remove a ring of a certain thickness.



- max power at 18,500 RPM

- RPM range 2K - 21K

- bore x stroke 23.33 x 21.94

- machining - 'metallurgy magic' mixed with pure 'nitro awesomeness'

- Ports - 5

- two ball bearings

- 16mm turbo crankshaft

- 3 needle carburetor aluminum 10mm rotary

- fit and finish - second to none

- weight 435 grams

- fuel 10 - 30% nitro