Novarossi Rex R46F Pylon Speed Aircraft Engine with Venturi

Novarossi Rex R46F Pylon Speed Aircraft Engine with Venturi

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The R46F "Pylon" engine with a Venturi, not pictured, is designed for control line and free flight events where performance is key!

Chose from headers:

40400 straight

40401 with a 1" rise for pipe clearance

40402 with a 3" clearance

40403 with 2" clearance

40904 Polished Straight with aprox. 30 degree angle for R46F

40905 Polished Straight pipe no angle for R46F

40903 Polished 90 degree bend for R46F

Use only high speed rated props with this engine, i.e. APC Pylon .40 Props with D-1 Hubs or Carbon Fiber or Wood props rated for high speed operation ̴Ì_

Specs: for .46/7.5cc displacement rear exhaust engine

Maximum HP at 33,900 RPM

Practical range 3,000 - 35,500 RPM

Bore 20.85 mm x Stroke 21.94 mm

9 Transfer Ports

Uses Turbo C6TF or C6TGF glow plugs

16mm Turbo Crankshaft with double titanium alloy inserts, 5/16" - 24 threads.

Front and Rear Ball Bearings

Full range large bore 10mm carburetor

Weight: 476 Grams

10% or higher nitro fuel