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Novarossi CR12F - A new engine for C/L Clown Race

The Novarossi CR12F with venturi is the newest Novarossi engine for Control Line applications.  This category has become quiet popular recently with clubs across the nation.  As such, the Clown Race is now also flown at the Nationals in Muncie Indiana at the National AMA Headquarters, as an unofficial event.  Previously, a .15 sized engine was used but with the...

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A few questions about the Novarossi Rex CR .12F

Question: What rpm can I expect using the stock muffler on the cr .12f and with what propeller size?   Answer: Thanks for your interest in Novarossi engines. The little CR12 comes out of the very competitive and demanding RC car market. It is a powerful and sturdy engine built to take the abuse in this application.    For aircraft...

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