Novarossi Rex R61F SPEED/13 Aircraft Engine with 10mm Carburetor

Novarossi Rex R61F SPEED/13 Aircraft Engine with 10mm Carburetor

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60cc REX Rear Exhaust Engines includes a 10mm R/C carburetor. 2.5hp at 18,000 RPM. This engine is tuned for top performance. Optional headers and tuned pipes available..

The 40402 header gives a full 3" height for the tuned pipe, model 40403 provides 2" rise and clearance. and item 40401 provides a gentle S curve to raise the pipe approximately one inch.The Novarossi Model 40400 is a straight header.

Use with 50400 or 50351 compact tuned Pipes.

Engine uses a nut or spinner thread size of 8 x 1.25mm

Popular propellers include the 11 x 7 Xoar, with racing sizes after break in of 10 x 9. Suggest the break in process use a prop two then one pitch lower than your final number. Full break in takes about two hours total of ground and flight time.

The information above is applicable to other R61 Engines with different carburetors. These sizes can also be used on the side exhaust R60F series.




Displacement: 9,98 cc
R.P.M. (max power): 18.000 RPM
Practical range: 2.000-20.500 R.P.M.
Bore x stroke: 23x24 mm
Sleeve: 4 ports
Rear ball bearings: steel
Front ball bearings: steel
Crankshaft: 18 mm with 8 x 1.25 Threads
Carburetor: aluminium - 10mm R/C Carburetor without in-flight adjustment

Glowplug: Standard Special (C6S)
Exhaust position: rear
Weight: 620 g
Fuel type: 10% nitro or higher with head shims

Side to Side motor mounts 52mm

Front to back mount spacing 25mm