Gaui F-50RS Four-Stroke Rear Intake Gasoline Engine with Starter

Gaui F-50RS Four-Stroke Rear Intake Gasoline Engine with Starter

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Displacement : 49.87cc

Practical rpm : 1200 – 7000rpm

Suggested Props : 20 – 21X10 : 20X10=7000rpm

Gasoline/Oil Mix : 20:1

Weight: 1900g / 4.189lb


Planethobby, the North American Importer for Gaui G-Power, is pleased to add this performance engine to our line of competition products.  Planethobby is the Authorized Warranty Servicing Service Center and makes available a full set of replacement parts.

Experience the Sound, Quality and Power of the world's finest Giant Scale Four Stroke Gasoline Engines.  These engines are produced by Gaui, a leading manufacturer in the hobby industry, well respected for their quality helicopters.

  • Four-Stroke Rear Intake Gasoline Engine with Muffler and Onboard Electric Starter
  • Gaui recommends a high-octane (Premium) gasoline. Av-gas is not recommended.  Mix the gasoline with high quality 2 stroke oil at a ratio of 20:1.  One gallon of gasoline mixed with 6.4oz of 2 stoke oil provides the recommended 20:1 mixture.
  • Carburetor adjustment high end needle is opened 1.5 turns, plus or minus .5 turns.  Low end is the same as above.
  • Propeller recommendations are 20x10 or 21x10.  The propeller attaches with six 4mm bolts.
  • The Gaui G-Power engines require a CM6 Spark Plug, not included.  We sell the Honda CM-6 spark plug.
  • Auto Advance Ignition
  • Walbro Carb

These Four Stroke engines produce quality of sound highly valued by scale modelers and sport flyers alike.  These engines have a 100% CNC Engine Block.  Each engine is hand assembled ensuring consistent quality.

This Gaui G-Power F-50RS engine has a rear intake and electric starter.