Gaui GX9 100cc UAV New Configuration


Gaui GX9 100cc UAV New Configuration

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GX9-F100 Gasoline Powered Multi Purpose Helicopter With Long Flight Time And High Payload Capacity.  We Use 3 Half Symetrical Blades which Is designed with High Efficiency and strong Carbon Structure.  The 100cc 4 Stroke Gasoline Engine Is designed and manufactured by Gaui.

The machine comes with a large and free space between the skids and body which allows users to mount different payload configurations to the UAV

The GX9 is also integrated with fully automatic flight control system as options.  Highly agile, highly reliable and long flight durations make this UAV platform a viable option for a variety of applications.


Flight Characteristics

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 28kg

Dry Weight: 13.5kg

Tank Capacity 1.8L

Additional Tank Capacity 1.8L X 2

Max Cruise Speed: 108km/hr

Max Flight Duration 15kg / 1.8L Fuel: 50 + min

Max Flight Duration 28kg / 5.4L Fuel: 120 + min

Generator: 100W/12V

Oil Mixture: 20:1



Dimensional Data

 Overall Length: 1830mm

Width: 550mm

Height: 700mm

Diameter of Main Rotor: 2002mm

Length of Blades: 900mm

Length of Tale Blades: 140mm


The FX9-F100 has a large reserved area for Payload.  Depending on project requirements, you can modify and design various payload configurations with the adequate space.  High Resolution Cameras, Lidar, Radiation Detector, Thermal Cameras, Hyper Spectral Analyzers, Transport, Agricultural, Special Applications.  

This platform is currently in wide use fora variety of applications such as Investigating, Scouting, Mapping, Telemetry, Film Production, Agricultural, Forestation, Marine Life, Mining and Remote Research. 


Planethobby, the North American Importer for Gaui G-Power, is pleased to add this performance engine to our line of competition products.  Planethobby is the Authorized Warranty Servicing Service Center and makes available a full set of replacement parts.

These Four Stroke engines produce quality of sound highly valued UAV Engineers and Research Individuals.   These engines have a 100% CNC Engine Block.  Each engine is hand assembled ensuring consistent quality.


 Construction includes a strong Stainless Steel Skid structure to provide maximum durability and flexibility for payload. 

The main rotor uses three high efficiency  900mm Carbon Fiber Blades.   These blades provide adequate lift and superior control for payloads even at low RPM.   The main rotor head and swash plate are CNC machines to ensure quality, reliability and consistency.  The swashplate is connected to 3 high torque servos for machine control.  The tail rotor box is also made with high quality CNC machining.

A high grade main gear is machined using CNC.  The Tailbox is composed of a full metal spiral gear which provides great quality and lifespan.  

A top quality generator is included in the platform to provide 100W / 12V power during missions.

Electric Start is integrated to make pre-flight preparation simple.