Kites for Kids: Hot Dog Foil Stunt Kite

Kites for Kids: Hot Dog Foil Stunt Kite

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Be prepared - Be a good Scout and make sure you always have a kite when the opportunity arises. Packed in a slim 7" x 9" case, the Hot Dog is easy to keep handy. A great beginner kite, it's responsive without being touchy. Nice and easy in light winds, it speeds up and gets a moderately strong pull when the wind picks up. A soft airfoil kite that needs no assembly, it has nothing to break. Made of ripstop nylon. 4'-6" x 1'-11". Ready to fly with 80' 50-lb. polyester lines, straps and winder. Perfect for kids (8+).

Skill Level: Beginner

Ready to Fly: With Lines, Winder and Stunt Straps

Min Wind: 5 mph

Max Wind: 30 mph