Kites for Kids: Sundog Kite

Kites for Kids: Sundog Kite

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Enjoy the total control of four lines with a kite that doesn't cost an arm and a leg (or threaten to pull one off).  Forward, reverse and pivot turns are easy in this quad-line setup.  Controlled by pulling or pivoting the handles, the Sundog is a natural for two-line fliers wanting to master four-line flying.  Christoph's favorite new kite, the Sundog incorporates the latest paraglider technology, making it very efficient and surprisingly stable in low winds.  Fast and responsive, it can pull a lot for its size.  5'-11" x 2'3".  10" x 11" case.  This kite comes ready to fly with 65' 200/150-lb.  Dyneema lines, handles and winder.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Ready to Fly: With Lines, Winder and Stunt Straps

Min Wind: 8 mph

Max Wind: 25 mph