Sab Goblin 700 Speed Flybarless Electric Helicopter Kit

Sab Goblin 700 Speed Flybarless Electric Helicopter Kit

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General Specifications

-Main rotor diameter: 1626 mm

-Main blades: 720 mm

-Main blades optimized to be extremely stable at high speeds

-Tail rotor diameter: 283 mm

-Tail blades: 104 mm rounded trip optimized for high speed

-Weight including all electronics excluding batteries: 4010 g

-Ratio 11.9 / 8.5 : 1(22T pulley included in kit for 9.8:1 ratio)


Electronic Specifications

-Cyclic Servos: Standard size 40 mm

-Tail Servo: Standard size 40 mm

-Typical Speed controller: Kontronik Kosmik 160/200, YGE 160-320

-Typical Motor: Pyro 800-850, Scorpion 4535/40 - Max. 65 mm diameter x 80 mm height

-Battery compartment: 75 x 58 x 350mm


Kit Includes:

-22T motor pulley (other pulley sizes available)

-2 battery tray

-720 mm main Speed blades

-104 mm rounded tip tail blades


New Features include:

  • New head with 2-piece blade grip preserves grips in the event of a crash. New, stronger main linkage.
  • Wrap around canopy design to minimize drag.
  • Landing gear with minimum frontal section for increased speed.
  • Optimized speed controller mounting position for minimum wire length.
  • Metal main gear, 19 mm GT3 motor belts, double one-way bearing.
  • Motor mount with cooling fin (Part # H0316) standard with kit.
  • Aluminum tail case for increased stiffness.
  • New dampened tail rotor system, slop free, very durable.