Kite Scout Stunt

Kite Scout Stunt

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This kite kit is big! Spanning over 5.5 feet across, this design is sure to catch the crowds eye, and alot of wind.  The Scout Stunt kite kit provides authoritative feedback on the strings in even the lightest wind conditions, making it both precise and predictable.  Made of ripstop polyester and carbon fiber/fiberglass frames, this kite is portable and ready to travel.  Measuring 5'-7" x 2'-7" and weighing just 6.5-oz.  This kite comes with a 46" case storage case.  Ready to Fly with 80' 80-lb. polyester lines, the Scout Stunt kite kit includes stunt straps and winder.

Skill Level: Beginner

Ready to Fly: With Lines, Winder and Stunt Straps

Min Wind: 5 mph

Max Wind: 22 mph