Tiger Motor F40III (2305) 2600Kv (2 Motor Set)

Tiger Motor F40III (2305) 2600Kv (2 Motor Set)

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This is a 2 Motor Set.  

Classic Design for Meticulous Care!

The F40 III uses a centrifugal design and beveled exhaust holes in the bell cap to more efficiently cool the motors.  The M5 Threaded Shaft and anti-skid surface help reduce vibration during flight.  13.5 shaft extension makes this perfect for FPV propellers.  Big Curved magnets with high temperature resistance featured in the motor stable output even at full throttle range.



  • 2x F40 III (2305) 2600Kv Motor
  • 2x Locking Nuts
  • 2x Socket Head Screws