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Timing questions on the 2015 R60F, R75F and R90F Novarossi Aircraft Engines

Question:  Hi I'm interested in understanding what the timing is on the 2015 Novarossi R60F, R75F and R90F engines.  I believe the Speed 13 engine has 185 degrees of exhaust timing.  Is the timing the same on the other engines?  Thank you.   Answer:  So, Timing on these engines is around 160 degrees.  This timing configuration provides a good compromise...

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Novarossi R75 Aircraft Engine carb and in-flight adjustment questions

Question:I received my novarossi r75f the other day, thanks very much, great engine.Can I ask you a few questions about the carburettor.1) I have noticed the in flight needle arm is of a reversed thread, is that true,  you turn it clockwise to richen it and anticlockwise to lean it.2) I have unscrewed the inflight needle valve arm right out in clockwise direction...

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