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Novarossi R75 Aircraft Engine carb and in-flight adjustment questions

I received my novarossi r75f the other day, thanks very much, great engine.
Can I ask you a few questions about the carburettor.
1) I have noticed the in flight needle arm is of a reversed thread, is that true,  you turn it clockwise to richen it and anticlockwise to lean it.
2) I have unscrewed the inflight needle valve arm right out in clockwise direction to get to know the carburettor, and screwed it back in to original setting. This wouldn't damage the carburettor in any way will it ?
3) Can I choose to not link in flight needle valve to a servo but instead adjust it on the ground to the desired mixture ?
4) When I first run or start the engine what should be the position of the needle valve arm, should it be at the position as I got it out of the box ?
All good questions on the inflight adjustable carburetor.  Let us elaborate on the uses of the in-flight adjustment 
-The in flight adjustment is left handed. Open it one turn or enough to allow the arm to move through a normal arc of servo travel. 
-Taking it apart does not damage it. 
-Start with the one turn open approach. Most come that way but it is not set in any special location. Just open it enough so a servo could move it freely. 
-If you choose not to use it we suggest a short clevis in the the throttle arm and the rod fastened to the plane or mount  just so it doesn't move in flight. 
-Using it works best if your transmitter has a rotary knob. Just easier to change in flight. 
-We often use it to richen in flight and create a smoke trail. A smoke system on the cheap. Being able to tweak your engine in flight once you get used to it, becomes a habit that you miss when flying other engines.