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Novarossi R46F Pylon Speed Engine for Free Flight


Hi Planethobby,  I'm looking at these new 46's speed engines that you have. Looks like an awesome engine.  Do you carry a venturi for it or possibly turn one for it in the 7mm range? I'm pretty sure 10mm will be too large for FreeFlight.  If so, I would probably take it with the stock 10mm and  2 in the 7mm range and then experiment with enlarging the intake's similar as I have done with my other Novarossi's.



Yes, the 20157 is approximately 8mm venturi and needle valve assembly was designed for this engine. Same cost as R/Cversion. The R46F engine and venturi are in stock.

You will like the spray bar assembly we have developed for this engine. 

This is an extremely powerful engine and really built like its name sake, a pylon engine designed to run wide open and fast.  Designed with speed in mind, with Italian craftsmanship.  We pulled it out of a marine engine line Novarossi developed several years ago and had the engineers adapted it for aircraft.  She is a beast in most any application!  Thank you!  Planethobby.com