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R61F Speed/13 tips from our Team Pilot Wendall Williams

Wendell Williams, a longtime supporter of Novarossi engines, provides some performance info on his Novarossi R61F Speed/ 13 engines.

Wendell uses 11x8 and 11x9 props has he focuses on speeds over 150 mph. These engines turn in the 15K range and unload the typical 15% to the mid to upper 17K range in the air. Although the engine has become famous for it’s use in classic pattern planes, with higher pitched prop and nitro content at 30%, much higher performance is possible for those who like to fly fast.

 Wendell offer an important side note to this type of operation, add 3oz of Klotz oil to an already oil rich helicopter 30% brew and remember if the plane isn’t smoking its too lean. A single lean run when using this high nitro and high pitched prop set up will cost you a piston and sleeve assembly really quick. With proper care and great attention to needle settings, his engines last for many seasons.