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What percentage Nitro fuel and oil content should I use for my helicopter engine?


Hello, I just ordered a Novarossi .57 heli engine with pipe combo. Getting back into nitro after alot of years away.  Is there any recommendations on what fuel brand to run in it and if I change fuels after each gallon will that cause any potential issues? I ask because I have some 30% cool power and after that I will have to buy what my local hobby shop carries which is 30% but a different brand.



Thanks for choosing Novarossi products. We have had many satisfied customers using this engine. 

We see no problems or potential issues changing brands of 30% nitro fuel. Everyone seems to have favorites, probably based on availability. We do suggest adding the .3mm head gasket when you use 30% nitro. 

As usual, keep the engine slightly on the rich side, especially during the time the engine is breaking in. Avoid lean and hot runs and all should be well.