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Novarossi 46 Pylon Engine and Turbo Plug characteristics

I know u said try the C5S plug.  What if I used the HR3S plug I run in my 46 Pylon engine?  My idea is I run the same products in as many planes as possible.



The Novarossi 46 Pylon engine is a high performance engine that requires a turbo plug. Specifically the C6TGF. 

Turbo plugs were designed to remove the threads from the combustion chamber. Regular plugs seal at the top of the treads with a copper gasket. Turbo designs seal at the base of the plug in the combustion chamber by using an angle that allows the smooth metal of the plug and head to make the seal. Turbo and regular plugs are never compatible. They physically won’t fit. 
The helicopter manufactures often use a short bodied plug which Novarossi defines as an HR 2, 3 or 4 S based on heat range. I would not interchange, though physically possible, a heli plug with a plug intended for aircraft. 
 Novarossi always uses lower numbers for a higher heat range. “Hotter” plugs use smaller coils that get hotter and colder plugs use heavier coils, cost more and are more durable.
Think of the heat range as the timing on an old car. Hotter advances the combustion and colder delays combustion.