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How to break in a Novarossi R57CR Engine - What kind of power will the engine produce?

Reader comments received on the Novarossi R57CR engine bolted to the Great Planes Ultra Sport 46.  Wanted to share for those looking for info on the engine performance and prop matching.
Modeler Report:
I recently mounted my new Novarossi R57CR on the new Great Planes Ultra Sport 46. I fueled and primed it, then fired it up. It started immediately and kept running. ...After 30 minutes of running, I got 15,400 rpms using an 11X6 Xoar prop. That's about 10 seconds peaked at a time, and ever so slightly rich. I worked with the main mixture to attain really good transition. It would idle for 15 seconds, and then it would transition instantly and crisply. When it cools down, it still has a little of that squeaky 'pinch', so It still has some breaking in to do. I believe that after it has some air time, I can probably expect a few hundred more. I don't know what I expected, but I did not expect those numbers. Pretty incredible really. 

Hey all you 3D guys, Try a good old fashioned screaming sport pattern plane. You'll like it!  There is nothing that compares with the sound of a high performance two stroke
 'up on the pipe'.  It is beautiful music indeed!
Update:  I've got three flights on this now.  I re-dialed in the engine after two.  It is running about as perfect as any glow engine can. It has also gained 200 rpm's static.  Now at 15,600.  (11X6 Xoar)  Ultrasports were always great planes.  Great plane, great engine, equals great fun.  ...Under beautiful blue skies.