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What kind of power does the Novarossi R46F Pylon Speed engine produce


Hi, I am intersted in the Novarossi R46F Pylon Speed engine and wonder what info you can provide on real world performance, prop sizes and plane sizing.  Appreciate any info you can send my way on this engine.  Thank you.


The following response came from one of our customers in Florida who flys a number of Novarossi engines. He had told me these numbers recently and I requested he send them to us. 

“It's a 3 plus HP with A 9×9 or 8×8. The low end RPM for the 9x9 props is around 17,000 plus.  The 8x8 is 20,000 RPM on the ground with 60 size MACS Pipes.  Haven't tried the Novarossi pipes yet but am going to do so.  I've also run a 10x7 that hits 17,200 for bigger .46 sized planes.  Also 10x7 is good.  Depends on the air-frame but I'd think 40 to 50 size airframes would be perfect matchup."