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Novarossi R46 F Plyon Speed Aircraft Engine questions

Q. How were the RPM and performance parameters on this engine derived?  We are looking at using the engine on a speed plane and are quiet impressed with the numbers reported by the factory on this engine.  We are new to speed planes and don't plan on competing, just want to go FAST!  Would you recommend this engine for beginners?


A. Thank you for our questions on the R46F Novarossi engine. It is a good question and deserves a thoughtful response. The RPM ratings of this engine and most manufacturers come from testing on equipment specially designed to measure RPM and horsepower. These machines vary the load and plot graphs on a number of performance criteria. These numbers measure engine performance only and are not tied to specific props, planes etc. This system is similar to ratings for cars and all gas, alcohol burning engines. Therefore this information will not relate to your specific prop, fuel, weather, pipe, header length etc.situation.


The Novarossi R46 F particularly is not a  "plug and play" engine. Performance in the real world is related to all the variables, known and unknown by the modeler which is best described by the people involved in pylon, control line speed and other racing events. For example, there are only a handful of modelers in certain speed events who are consistent winners. For instance, modelers who win in a NATS speed category, have Novarossi rear exhaust .21 engines that turn as much as 38,000 on the ground and over 40,000 in the air, well above the manufacturers listed specs for these modelers. In fact, in Sport B Speed, Novarossi engines hold all five places 1st thru 5th.


Here is the difficult part, these modelers have spend a lifetime achieving these results. Like drag race, NASCAR etc. the work and dedication and commitment of time and resources to gas/nitro engines is literally a lifetime commitment for that kind of success. They find that 1/1000 of and inch and sometimes much smaller makes a difference. Prop, fuel, timing, head clearance, plugs, fuel systems and the list goes on as each of these items add up to small by incremental differences in performance. No secrets here and no book will tell us how.


Novarossi manufactures the finest commercial made engines in the world. No other company holds the tolerances and has the people and equipment they have to turn out such consistently high quality micro engines.  


These competitors are willing to share their knowledge about how they have become the best in their field and we have found that these relationships and their knowledge and enthusiasm motivates us onward in this most fascinating journey in understanding how to get the most out of these little engines.


Here is a link to the engine and it's specifications.  http://www.planethobby.com/collections/pylon-46/products/novarossi-rex-r46-pylon-speed-aircraft-engine