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What prop for the Novarossi R46 Pylon Speed Engine?

Q. Hello, I'm getting ready to make initial flights with my Novarossi Pylon engine, the R46F, and wonder what prop's you recommend starting with.  We will be flying simple pylon circuits and our local flying field.  I have the APC 8 x 7.5 bolted on the engine to start with.  Any other prop recommendations would be appreciated.


A. You mentioned the APC 8 x 7.5 in your note. Based on this info, here is a list of props we keep on hand that may you may want to test:



All are APC props with D-1 hubs.  


8.75 x 5

8.5 x 7.25

8.75 x 7.5 NN

7.8 x 7

7.8 x 6

7.4 x 7.5C  Carbon Fiber

7.4 x 7.7C Carbon Fiber


The 8+ inch sizes would benefit by taking 1/8 off each tip and testing and continuing that process until you get a good combination of RPM and plane performance.