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Novarossi R60F Old versus New - Classic Pattern application



Want to get into Classic Pattern and thinking of purchasing the NV Rex R60F motor from Planethobby, does this motor put more power than the old 5 port Rossi 60 FI Side Exhaust.


Is there any feedback on fuel consumption per minute with the new NV Rex R60F.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.



The Novarossi R60F side exhaust engine has been updated. It still has the same mounting bolt pattern but now uses a new 8 port piston and sleeve assembly. It produces more power with improved responsiveness.  


Still at competitive prices and when paired with the Novarossi header and muffled tuned pope (Novarossi R61F Combo) offers a competitive engine at good prices. 


Fuel consumption has not been identified as a problem with the classic pattern flyers.