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Novarossi CR60F and R60F Engine differences - Classic Pattern applications


Hello, Before I place an order for a new Novarossi Pattern Engine, can you tell me the difference power wise between the NV Rex R60F side exhaust and the NV Rex R60CR side exhaust. I'm planning on using the engine in my Dirty Birdy Classic Pattern plane.  Thank you.


The CR60F and the R60F are very similar in performance. The CR60F has a 9mm carb versus the 8.5 in the R60. And the CR60F comes with a tuned muffler that helps performance. The R60F would need a tuned pipe, or a tuned pipe could be used with either by adding a MAC header.Weight is close and Novarossi does not provide actual HP ratings on the engines but both are nearly identical in their design.


The CR60F engine exists primarily because of the larger mounting holes that accommodate the older R60F engine in the line for so many years.The newer R57CR, as all the CR series, uses the OS mounting.


With the Novarossi R60F engine you will need to use a 21461 adapter that uses three bolts to mount to the engine case after removing the exhaust adapter that allows for a round exhaust adapter. The two bolt muffler on this adapter allows attachment of headers such as the MAC. 


We stock the MAC 2982 Long header that fits this engine. Under the MAC website search for the OS91F size or the Novarossi 91 engines if you are looking for other configurations.