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Model Airplane Engine Storage

Question from a Novarossi engine pilot

I just got your Novarossi R46CR engine. Says in directions to run the fuel out of the engine for storage.  I'm using OMEGA 10% with castor. I read on internet it's ok to store engines not running them dry with this fuel.

What do U think? If that's not true, is there a fuel I can run and store my engine with without running them dry?


Answer from our Tech Department

Any type of fuel of any brand attracts moisture in the air and this can cause serious rust problems in an engine. Novarossi engines are not immune to this issue.  Because of this chemical reaction it is important not to leave any kind or brand of fuel in an engine after use. 

Restart the engine with the fuel line closed or disconnected and let it run out the remaining fuel is always a good habit with any engine. And then add a few drops of an after run oil into the carburetor, flip the prop a few times and this should keep the engine well lubricated and reduce the chance for rust. 

Some fuels do contain rust inhibitors but using a good quality after run oil is the best insurance against engine damage.