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Which Novarossi engine for a 60 sized control line ship

Question:  Hello, I'm building a 60 sized control line ship and want to run a Novarossi engine on the plane.  Can you recommend the best engine for this application.  Thank you!


Answer:  Thanks for contacting us with your Novarossi questions.  We believe the R60CR is the  best choice of Novarossi engines available given the need for side exhaust with tuned muffler. We will supply the additional shims at no charge which you will need for the 50% nitro.

Suggest a break in period with 10 - 15% nitro and then increasing the head shims - probably two shims as a starting point with the high nitro fule. You will need plugs and we suggest the HR4S Very Cold Plug cold and when used with high nitro.  

The engines characteristics may require a different prop, perhaps larger diameter and pitch but your tests will determine that.

Let us know if you have other questions. Please send photos of plane and engine and hopefully trophies.