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Running the Novarossi Speeed/13 on low and no nitro

Question: Hello, I've been following your Novarossi Speed/13 engine here in the USA and was wondering how well the engine runs on no nitro to 5% nitro fuels as compared to the older Rossi 61 with the 3+2 porting?  I'm really looking forward to running one of these engines in my Classic Pattern ship, it's got all the markings of a great engine.

Answer:  The engines run fine on 5% nitro fuels. You may want a little hotter Novarossi glow plug but as long as you are satisfied with the idle there should be no problems. We see no problems with operating the engine on with no nitro as there is nothing inherent in the design to prohibit this. These fuel choices all present different operational advantages and run somewhat differently based on the fuel used and the conditions present. The porting differences primarily effect engine throttle response and to some extent top end performance.

For sure it would not damage the engine to try no nitro or run it on 5%.

Keep us updated on your results.