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Racing with the Novarossi RFX15TC RFX15TV and the Turbo Plug

We recently received this question from a Pilot interested in the Novarossi.


Hello, I'm interested in the RFX 15TC and the RFX 15TV engine.  I was thinking of using without a tuned pipe on suction with the 7mm venturi. Do you know how much power I could expect and at what revs?  I'll be racing the engine in speed events.  



Here is the way we look at this series. 
The RFX15T is the higher timed engine that comes with a turbo plug and either an RC carb or a Venturi. Venturi engines end in V. Same engine and same price. They are intended to run on a pipe but some expert modelers have these running on smaller props at high RPMs though that is more difficult. 

The RFX15C series comes with either RC carb or Venturi with the same identifying V for Venturi. This is a lower timed engine with a standard glow plug and gasket and designed for use without a pipe. It is generally less powerful than a piped engine. At high enough RPMs around 30k in air some modelers are successful in getting higher timed engines to operate without pipes. Mini pipes are permitted here in some events which are straight and short pipes. Design is critical and specific to the engine. This may not be allowed in some classes. 

These engines, when used for speed events, often have propellers that produce high RPMs. Props are usually carbon fiber custom made with sizes held as closely guarded secrets by the winners. However, they are all small diameter and high pitched sizes. 

No info on power is available for this type of operation. Performance is affected by weather, plug temperatures and other flying conditions including model drag and more. 

The RFX15TC uses and is supplied with a Turbo plug. The Venturi is small enough to allow operation with a suction tank. 

It is in stock and available on our site, the Turbo Plugs are available in several heat ranges as you find most appropriate for your application and climate conditions.

This sounds like an excellent combination for classic speed events. Many of these are used for various racing such as the Clown Racing event at the NATS. 

Let us know if we can be of further service.