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Knots to Know for kite flying


Knots for kite flying

Here are five knots that are good to know for kit flying.  

1.Use an Overhand Knot to create a loop at the end of your stunt kite flying lines:

2. Use a Lark's Head Bridle Knot to attach your flying lines to the bridle of your stunt kite:



3. Dacron line needs to be attached to the reel using a Slip Knot.  Tighten second overhand knot up against first one:


4. If you have a swivel, tie your line to it using a Clinch Knot.  Use 5 wraps and this knot will have 90% of the strength of your line:

5. If you don't have a swivel, tie the line to your kite with the Bowline Knot.  This knot holds well tension and has 85% of the strength of your line.: