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Icarus 91 Novarossi Heli Engine

Novarossi introduces the ICARUS.91 Helicopter Engine, Winter 2013. This new design incorporates state of the art engineering along with the Novarossi 50 year reputation of quality. The crankshaft has two additional weights to reduce vibration - double balanced. The backplate incorporates a steel inlay the reduce friction and the design reduces space in the crankcase. The Dykes ring increases compression and works in an all new alloy iron sleeve and precision cast case designed to improve the fuel flow in 8 transfer ports. Ignition timing is easy with the supplied compression rings. The 3 needle carburetor is built for the competitive 3D flyer. Plug is the short body HR2S.

Specifications: Displacement 14.96cc, Max Power Output at 15,000 RPM, Practical Operating Range 2K - 17.5K. Bore 26.30 x 27.55mm Stroke. 8 Ports, Front and Rear Ball Bearings, 18mm Turbo Double Balanced Crankshaft. 11mm Rotary 3 Needle Carburetor, HR2S Short Body Plug. Weight 625 Grams. Designed for 10 - 20% Nitromethane Fuel.

Accepts the same manifolds and pipes as previous models. The Model #40491 Manifold and  #50491P-491 Tuned Muffler are the standard options.

Here is a video of the Icarus 91 NovaRossi engine in flight.

Request this engine and the accessories at your favorite hobby supplier.